order of guacamole 

mashed avocado with chopped tomatoe, onion and chile with tortilla chips



Tortilla of wheat flower with ham and  melted cheese   


anchovy bruschetta

4 pieces with chopped tomato, garlic, olive oil and anchovy 


bruschette di prosciutto

 4 pieces with chopped tomato, garlic, smoked ham


cheese bruschetta

 4 pieces gratin with cheese, artichoke, black olive and basil 


salmon bruschetta

 8 pieces with smoked salmon (100g), cream cheese and olive oil  


salmon rolls

smoked salmon  (100g) rolls with cream cheese, arugula, capers and olive oil


carpaccio of salmon

smoked salmon (100g), capers, arugula, sliced cooked egg and olive oil .


melted cheese casserole 


+ mushrooms         + 45,-+ cambray potato   + 45,-

cheese casserole   

with 4 differnt cheese types 


cheese balls

120 g  with creamcheese, blue cheese and parmesano


serrano ham board

 100 g serrano ham with green olives 


antipasto of vegetables grilled

bell pepper, zucchini and grilled aubergine, olives, artichoke 450 g  


large plate of mixed appetizers

bell pepper, zucchini and grilled aubergine, olives, artichoke, champion 550g serrano ham 100g, cheeses 100g



 table of fine cheeses with olives 220g     


rustic salmon toast

Salmon on cereal bread with avocado arugula and goat cheese



Desert dish

Tapenade, Jocoque and Hummus with olive oil, mixed olives and artisanal pita bread 



Pear bruschette

4 slices of toasted bread with honey pear and wrinkle